Security & Anti-Virus


Soft Sell provides huge numbers of antivirus solutions private customers, Businesses, County Councils, Government Schools, Building Schools for the Future (BSF), Academies, Free Schools and many other organisations.  Soft Sell has also cleaned up millions of viruses and has helped large numbers of organisations with advice and support to help them deal with security and antivirus and malware.

Protecting IT resources and data has become more important in recent years and protecting IT systems can become both time and money consuming.

Protecting your systems starts with knowing your current system and its good and bad point.

  • Soft Sell are able to provide a complete evaluation on system security and make highly informed recommendations regarding improvements and efficiency.

These recommendations come under the following categories

Maintenance and Patching your current system

Web Filtering

Content and firewall filtering monitors and filters out the traffic and content that you do not want to get into your organisation to keep both the organisation and the users safe and stop malicious use of systems and prevent unauthorised activity and access.


Security assessments are done on a regular basis to record the incidents that have taken place. To monitor if the systems are working, and to help an organisation change the procedures to reduce the numbers of further incidents.
Security assessments of:-
all emails
backup procedures
Ict procedures
Company policy

Backing up

Backing up data both onsite and offsite and retaining these backups is an essential part of virus and malware protecting and is the last line on stopping data being lost. Restoring this data in an effective way reduces the down time or time this data can be accessed. The backup and restore procedures streamline the data and system recovery so is also important.


CCTV is the becoming vital for most organisation both to gather evidence and to act as a deterrent for intruders, guests, staff and others to help reduce incidents/ theft and so costs or repair and replacement, to reduce costs of insurance. CCTV systems normally save the organisation its install cost on only a few years.


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