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It’s that time of year again, do your projectors need cleaning?

Why have projectors cleaned:

Manufacturers recommend that projectors are cleaned every so many hours for a school this is about 2-3 times per year.  This stops the projectors blocking up with dirt and overheating which extends the life of the projector and the bulb and saves the organisation money long term.

80% of projectors that fail are down to disregard for servicing.

75% of failed projector lamps are also down to overheating.

Soft Sell offers an onsite service where technicians:

  1. Clean filters & Lenses
  2. Use compressed air to blow out dirt from the insides of the projectors
  3. Surface wipe projector & Interactive Whiteboard.
  4. Keystone & Re-align projectors as needed.
  5. A report will be created about projector, condition and recommendations.

Soft Sell prices are dependent on number of projectors onsite the more projectors the less the cost of the service per projector.

Pricing is supplied exclusive of VAT and assumes projectors are located within the same site. Projectors over 3.5m are priced per job depending on height and location of projector.

A volume discount is provided as detailed below per visit:  

  • 1‐5 Projectors £40
  • 5‐10 Projectors £35
  • 11‐20 Projectors £30
  • 20+ Projectors £25 

All Soft Sell technicians are enhanced CRB checked.

Please note appointments are limited and first come first serve. 

We also offer full strip, clean and refurbishing facility for any projectors with poor image quality, this is done off-site.

Discounts are offered for any replacement lamps, new projectors and interactive whiteboards for all contract customers.


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